Legal support without the layers

TSM Advisory’s model provides you with an experienced solicitor who is supported by a former Partner of a global law firm as well as best practice in-house project management methodology.  This allows TSM Advisory to remove the multiple layers of billing that exists in traditional law firms and provide accessible and cost effective legal support, no matter the size of your business. 

This structure has been established in response to growing global concerns from the business community about the value offered from traditional law firm billing models, as well as criticism from the judiciary here in Australia.  

As Rares J of the Federal Court of Australia recently put it in Armstrong v Piscopo:

“One of the significant concerns in our society is the cost of access to justice. It is not surprising that individuals and small businesses would find it difficult to obtain access to justice where four lawyers at a solicitor’s [firm are] each charging [between $605 and $310 per hour] for looking at one another’s drafts, documents or other communications...
In my opinion, it is time that the [legal] profession recognised that costs should be kept to a minimum. Having five lawyers looking at, for example, the drafting of a pleading or submission is a matter that...bespeaks a failure to address a client’s best minimising costs, and involves a degree of waste and unnecessary duplication of effort that I cannot comprehend."

TSM’s structure and approach to case management benefits clients by maximising return on legal spend in the following ways:


TSM solicitors' hourly rates are kept low by avoiding expensive overheads 

TSM employ high quality general commercial solicitors who can manage a variety of matters

TSM consultants further assist in reducing legal costs by managing projects and documentation to ensure that solicitors do not bill for administrative tasks