VRQA Education Changes | Are You Ready?

Important Changes to the VRQA Guidelines to take effect from 1 July 2019

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There are minimum standards which all schools must meet to be registered as a school in Victoria.  The minimum standards are prescribed under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 and Schedule 4 of the Education Training and Reform Regulations 2017 and cover areas including:

·         School Governance

·         Curriculum and student learning

·         Care, safety and welfare of students

·         Student attendance

·         Staff employment

·         School infrastructure

All schools registered in Victoria must comply with the VRQA Guidelines to the Minimum Standards and Requirements for School Registration (Guidelines). The Guidelines are changing, and schools in Victoria must begin implementing compliance measures now in advance of the looming 1 July 2019 deadline. 

The Guidelines provide details of the information, documentation and other evidence the VRQA requires for it to be satisfied that a school is meeting the minimum standards for registration.

The key changes to the Guidelines are in respect to these evidence requirements.  The VRQA has changed, replaced, strengthened and removed certain evidence requirements that registered schools must comply with to meet the minimum standards.  What is clear across all of the new evidence requirements is that schools must have, inter alia:

a.       a clear line of responsibility and delegation at the school, together with details of the responsible person’s qualifications and experience;

b.       robust and clear strategies, policies and procedures for dealing with parents, students and third parties;

c.       documented strategies for enhancing student learning outcomes and to ensure the care, safety and welfare of students and teachers; and

d.       clear and easy access to copies of important documents.

The VRQA will apply the Guidelines when carrying out its reviews and investigations. 

TSM has been engaged by schools to assist with compliance reviews and to work with those schools to update their internal governance processes and policies.  TSM implements its model by working collaboratively with its clients to identify those task that can be best managed by our commercial consultants, solicitors or both.

The VRQA has published a factsheet to assist schools which you can find at this link: https://www.vrqa.vic.gov.au/schools/Pages/standards-guidelines-requirements-for-schools.aspx

Based on our experience we suggest that you start this compliance review and refresh early.

Suzie Carroll